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Lemieux is the owner of the Adcidia™ Network, formally known as the Smartads Advertising Network. At the age of 18 began his journey as an entrepreneur by embarking a new career within the network marketing industry. 

Through many years of trial and error, he soon discovered his calling through being his own boss. Without any schooling, understood that he would have to work really hard to be successful within any business venture he took on. This did not hurt in any way, he has always be known to put in 150% dedication into everyone of his projects. At the age of 19, and a close friend of his opened up an outdoor paintball field for 2 consecutive seasons. Even though this outdoor paintball field had great success, soon realized that having a business partner wasn't in his best interest, and that he would have to go out on his own to truly be happy being an entrepreneur. From the success of the paintball field, quickly realized that his marketing skills would be his best asset. At the age of 21, began studying web design, graphic design and internet marketing. It wasn't long before he fine-tuned his skills and was able to market himself online. He soon realized that his experience with marketing a business in the past really paid off, and he could amass a great amount of leads for his newly developed services. 

After a couple of years of freelancing, Smartads was born. With the creation of www.Smartads.info, now had the means necessary to add more services by introducing logo design, business card design, printing, postcard design, flyer design, and business consulting services to his repertoire. This combination of services gave Smartads an edge over his competition, not only could Smartads help small businesses to acquire all of their marketing materials within a one-stop-shop, but they could also market their business effectively through Smartads internet marketing services. Within time, Smartads was generating more leads than they could handle and started hand-picking every client they took care of. Because of the success of Smartads services, "Think Big" attitude was greatly influencing his subconscious to change gears and leave the "service based industry" to pursue his dream of building a directory network in order to promote advertisers online. 

has never cared to "Be The Best", he just wanted to be "Compared To The Best". With this came the birth of the Adcidia™ Network, and the death of Smartads. At the age of 30 now, has been able to add over 35 web sites to his network which many of them have had great success online. "My dream network is finally almost complete, this now allows me to fine-tune each web site and grow my network accordingly. It has taken me 1000's of hours to get this far and this is only the beginning. I never cared about today's success, I always looked forward to the future that Adcidia™ has to offer. This "dream" is what helps me to charge forward and keep working 7 days a week in order to eventually get the success I've always visualized in my mind. Just keep an eye on my "Network Updates Blog" just to get a feel of how much is actually added to my network on a weekly basis, you'll then get a feel for where I want Adcidia™ to be within 10 years from now." ...says Lemieux

Quotes By Lemieux:

"Marketing online is not one thing that you do, it is the combination of multiple strategies that fuel into one funnel." - By: Lemieux

"Once you set your mind to positive thinking, you've ultimately opened your soul to the world!" - By: Lemieux

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